Frequently Asked Questions





What class is best for my child?

Each class, from newborns to those who are ready for more advanced musical training, is designed to be appropriate for your child’s current developmental level. In addition, our teachers take the time to tailor activities to best fit the makeup of each individual class. Generally speaking:
Foundations: Village 0-18 months
Level 2: Our Time 18 months-3 1/2
Level 3: Imagine That 3-5
Level 4 & 5: Young Child 5-7
But because we know that each child develops at thier own rate and has their own unique needs, we are happy to personally discuss with you what will work best for your child.
May I join a class at any time?
Yes, we’d be delighted to have you! The Kindermusik Semester curriculum is structured so that you may join at any point during the session. If you enroll after the session has begun, your tuition will be prorated when you register online to only include the remaining classes. Subscription classes are paid monthly.


What is your inclement weather policy?
If the school district where your Kindermusik studio is located is closed due to inclement weather, that studio's classes will be cancelled, unless you hear otherwise from your teacher.

If the school district is running late, your Kindermusik studio will remain open, unless you hear otherwise from your teacher.

For evening and weekend classes, the classes will be cancelled based on the discretion of the owner and/or director. If class will be cancelled your teacher will call you to let you know. In years past, we have typically cancelled evening classes when Kent State has been closed. Be sure you use the email and phone number where we can best reach you when you register.


What is your refund policy?
Like other activities your child is enrolled in, whether swimming, dance or soccer, when you register, we reserve a space in the class for your child for the entire semester. As classes have a maximum number of children we can accept, we unfortunately sometimes have to turn away students, because your space is entirely committed to your child, and we will not give it away, or double book. Even with the Subcription classes, we do expect a semester commitment.

If you would like to check out a class BEFORE enrolling, we would be happy to schedule a FREE preview visit with us at any time.


What is your make up policy?
If your child misses a class, we are happy to accommodate up to three make-up classes per semester. These classes must be made up during the same semester, unless special arrangements are made. Please contact us at to schedule your makeup.

NOTE: You must schedule makeups in advance and there are no dropins, as not all classes will have room to accept make-up students. We do not allow make-ups the final week of a semester.


Can I bring siblings to class?
Our studio policy is that only enrolled children are allowed in the classroom. We find that the chemistry of the class works best when the same people are in the room from week to week. We DO allow infants up to 8 months old to attend Our Time classes with their big brothers and sisters for free. Most parents find that wearing their babies in a sling/carrier or leaving them sleeping in their carseat works best. Once they turn 8 months old, you may enroll BOTH children in the Our Time class with the younger child receiving a 10% tuition discount. Your teacher will give you lots of ideas on how to modify the Our Time curriculum for your baby. After 8 months old, ALL siblings must pay and officially enroll to come to class.  If you want to bring a sibling to a class, you will need to email ahead of time to make sure there is a spot available for that day and you will need to pay the teacher $15 on that day.  We also do not allow unattended siblings under the age of 7 to wait in the hallway or lobby as there is not a receptionist to watch them.
Can both my spouse/partner and I attend class?
Kindermusik classes are designed to be a one on one experience with your child.  For that reason, and because we don't want to overcrowd our classes or overwhelm the children only one adult is allowed in per child. You are welcome to alternate who brings your child week to week.


My child has special needs. Is Kindermusik for her?
Absolutely! Children with autism, children with speech difficulty or delays, children with Down’s syndrome, hearing impaired children and those with other physical, emotional and learning disorders have generally thrived AND improved with Kindermusik. What the program can do for non-typically developing children is ten-fold greater than even what it does for those who are typically developing.

NOTE: we can meet the needs of your child best if you let us know of any special needs or concerns when you register your child.


My child doesn't participate the way other children do in class.
Not to worry! He is learning even though YOU don’t see him participating. Pushing children to perform has no place in an Early Childhood program of any kind. We believe that you – the parent – is the child’s most important teacher, and home is the most important place for that learning to grow.

When you stop and think about it, you already know that success should be measured more by what a child does all the rest of the week than what he does in the 45 minutes at Kindermusik class. And remember, Kindermusik is about process, not performance. Every child can be successful in a Kindermusik class, not matter what developmental level he is on. So have a blast dancing, singing, and playing instruments together at home the way we do in class! Before you know it, the same thing will happen at the studio.


Can babies truly benefit from Kindermusik?
We’ve learned that infants are born with billions of nerve cells and a nearly unlimited potential for connections between those nerve cells. Every time an infant has a sensory experience, neural pathways are formed. The greater the number of neural pathways, the greater the brain power. Rich sensory environments are vital to the brain development of infants.

In a Village class, we dance in a social setting to allow infants to understand and anticipate patterns, which preps their brains for math and musical theory. We play with steady beat, which underlies our ability to pick up the pattern of language. This is vital, because unless children can pick up the language patterns, they cannot learn to read and write.

The bonding and comforting activities we show you in class help you and baby to work through all the natural stresses that occur with growing and developing. Music increases coordination and balance, promotes literacy and language, cultivates listening skills, and encourages delightful and rewarding interaction with your baby!
Can I try out a class before enrolling?
Of course! Taking a Free Preview class is great way to get to know us and to learn what Kindermusik is all about. Please call us at 330-655-8499 or email us at